Playing With Fire In The Dark | Video


If there’s one thing I try to never do, it’s to take myself too seriously. I’m a rather playful person for the most part, and I take my play seriously. Yes, I do the “adulting” stuff like pay bills and buy groceries, but one of my ultimate goals is to live a full life, filled to the brim with great memories and laughter.

During my 1st and 2nd year of photography and film, I sometimes felt myself getting frustrated and overwhelmed with my creative process. Sometimes it’d be because a project didn’t turn out as I’d liked, and other times it was because I didn’t have a certain skill-set to create exactly what I wanted to create. Either way, It totally zapped the fun and excitement out of what I was supposed to be enjoying.

I remember telling my friends who’ d ask me how I was doing that the creative process is a bit torturous. I wanted things to be so “perfect”, that I would feel anxiety and frustration before, during, and after the shoot. These days though, I’m better. I still like things to turn out a certain way, which is important for a creative, but I don’t need to give myself a heart-attack in the process.

The other night I was peacefully editing in the dark under a little candle light. I took what was supposed to be a small break, and started zoning in on the flames from the candles. Shortly after that, I had my camera in hand filming the flames with no real intention. To my pleasant surprise, as I began to pay close attention, I noticed that the flames sort of looked like little people. 🙂

So what did I decide to do?

Well, make a short-film about it so I could show you. Duuhhh 🙂 Here’s my little Fire People short-film about who knows what.

If your imagination is as wild as mine, leave a comment about what you think is going on with the flames in the film. What story is being told according to you and your imagination?

Have a great day y’all!



2 Comments on “Playing With Fire In The Dark | Video”

  1. Josh! Your “PWFITD” peice is great! It is comforting to know that I’m not the only one who sees something that is altogether different than what is in front of me.
    Thank you for sharing your vision! You’ve inspired me!

    • Hey Jumi!!

      Thanks for taking the time to check it out and leaving a comment! I really appreciate that…seriously. I guess people like us live in sort of a “middle-dimension” where we see more than what most people allow themselves to see 🙂 Either that, or we’re a little crazy, which is perfectly fine with me too lol.

      You’re an artist yourself right? A singer/performer?

      Lastly, thank you for those kind words about being inspired. With the weather being as crappy as it is today (23 degrees and snow), and the way my morning was going, I was feeling a little frustrated with myself. I’m really working hard to create a network and platform for creatives, but the process seems so slow at times. Today was one of those days where I felt like just curling up under a blanket, and just shutting the world off for the whole day lol.

      I’m so glad I decided to get to work. Your comment has given me a surge of motivation and inspiration, and I really appreciate that.

      Have a great day bud, and I’ll see ya on the Gram!