For Every Action, There Is A Reaction


Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that nothing quite gives me a lasting sense of well-being like exercise does. I’ve always been an active person, and I’ve been a personal trainer since 2005. All of that time spent training myself and other people has taught me the value of spending quality time with like-minded people.

A while ago I took some time to get a workout in while working with my camera. I call that a two-for-one. As fate would have it, I contacted an old personal-trainer friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in ages. She’s one of the best trainers and human beings I know, and her work ethic is on a thousand (For some of you squares out there, that means it’s great).

She told me about a new Crossfit gym in Philadelphia where she was training and invited me to come break a sweat. I came to the conclusion that since I love training, people, and photography, that I should just shoot the experience and share it with you guys. I’m not new to the Crossfit style of training, and I actually find hard training quite appealing. I’ll tell you this though, no matter how much time you spend doing Crossfit, you will have your ass handed to you each and every time. 😃

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to record me while I got my ass kicked, but I made sure I grabbed some shots of the class. I shot it with my Canon 70D, a Canon 18-55mm, and a Roken 14mm wide angle lens.

If I could leave you with any encouragement and advice from my time spent doing the things I love at the same time…it would be to just do it. No matter what it is you think you want to invest your time doing, just start to get active in it in some small way.

Your desires will one day become your reality in the same way your dream body becomes your reality by investing a little time training every week. Thinking and visualizing is great, and I encourage it, but nothing really happens until you start to get your hands dirty with the action.

Similar to training, it will be difficult at first, and you may feel a bit lost and unsure of yourself. You don’t need to worry though. The good news is that that feeling is perfectly natural. Allow nature to take it’s course over time. Nature says that for every action, there is a reaction.

Know what reactions you want in your life, get around people who want the same reactions in their lives, and start to put the actions into practice. Whatever that means for your life.

Mother Nature is able to grow a giant oak tree from a tiny seed you can fit in the palm of your hand. I’m sure She wouldn’t mind helping you grow something great in your life too.

Have a good one.