A Short | Pick Up Steam Along The Way

The journey is long, and it does begin with a single step. The bad news is, those initial steps will be the hardest to take. The good new is, you’ll pick up steam along the way. As we travel along our paths in life it’s, good to remember that getting off to a slow start

How To Think Small

Act without doing. Work without working. Taste that which has no flavor. Make great the small, make many the few. Return harmfulness with good. Prepare for difficulty while things are easy. Take care of big things while they are still small. The world’s most difficult problems started out easy. Great undertakings start from small deeds.

Riding Shotgun

One of my favorite types of photography is street photography. Here’s why. Out of all the categories of photography, from fine-art, to portrait photography, to fashion, still-life and more, street photography is one the the only photography disciplines that encompasses all of the above. I love that there are no rules, and the shots you

Talking To Strangers: Model | Reese Ford

Have you ever walked up to a stranger and asked if you could take their picture? Not a street-portrait either. I’m talking about walking up, introducing yourself, and asking if they wouldn’t mind spending hours with you taking photographs of them? It’s not a root-canal, but it’s also not as easy as it may sound.

Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop

Dreams do come true, but only when you take action on them in spite of your fears. A good friend of mine and ex-coworker Kevin Kramer is the owner of a fairly new restaurant named Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop. The restaurant serves outstanding gourmet sandwiches that are good enough to make your toes curl. 😃 Just

For Every Action, There Is A Reaction

Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that nothing quite gives me a lasting sense of well-being like exercise does. I’ve always been an active person, and I’ve been a personal trainer since 2005. All of that time spent training myself and other people has taught me the value of spending quality time with